Pazzo Queen - FA Flavour Notes

Pazzo Queen

Tested @7%, Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a R200 with a Bonza 0.17 ohm dual coil Ni80 Flaptons @ 100w.

Manufacturers description – No description available


A strong Plastic like off note, unfortunately I’m unable to taste anything else

7 Day steep

This is still very plastic tasting to me with an underlying floral-ness. The plastic like taste is very much like the taste I get from a lot of Cherry concentrates, with that floral taste being slightly raspberry like, I am also getting a very slight Citrus flavour, I believe this profile to be a Raspberry and Cherry lemonade mix.

14 Day Steep

No change, this is a very plastic/medicinal tasting Cherry to me, followed by a strong floral Raspberry, this leaves a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of a Cherry-Ade type flavour. As this is diluted down on the coils the Cherry and Raspberry become better suited for my palette and start becoming slightly more realistic tasting, however I no longer get that Cherry-Ade type after taste, this makes me believe that this % is right for this concentrate but the Cherry and Raspberry aren’t best suited for my taste buds.

22 Day Steep

No change

Suggested Usage

Standalone 7%. Unfortunately, due to the Cherry flavouring used not suiting my palate it’s hard to recommend other uses for this. If you enjoy FA Black Cherry you may enjoy this flavour

FA Recommend – 7%


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