Pistachio - VTA Flavour Notes


Tested @ 0.5%, 1% & 4%Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a RX200s with a Bonza 0.14 ohm dual coil Flaptons @ 130w

Manufacturers description “A smooth nutty flavour which mimics the taste of raw pistachio. This flavour pairs well with other nuts, creamy, bakeries, tobaccos, candies and chocolate e-liquid recipes.


0.5%- A very light green pistachio, slight perfume off note in the nackground

1%- very slight perfume like off note at first, there is a green pistachio like flavour under the off note

4%- Perfume like with an odd bubble-gum like flavour. There is a very slight Pistachio and salt like flavour deep in the background almost completely covered by those off notes

6 Day steep

0.5%- No change.

1%- No change

4%- No change

22 day steep

0.5%- slight increase in strength, this is a definite green Pistachio flavour

1%- No change

4%- No change.

At 4% This has a pleasant Rum note at first, this Rum is more a golden type than a dark rum as it’s missing the spice notes and is bit lighter on flavour. The raisin is quite full and juicy and comes through towards the end of the vape. 2% is the same taste but lighter in strength and flavour.

31 day steep

0.5%- No change

1%- No change

4%- This has now become a strong green Pistachio with a slight chemical/perfume off note in the background, this may get covered in a mix, this flavour seems to be mainly top notes and is lacking in depth

Pistachio Continued

Suggested Usage

Due to the perfume off note even at low % I am unable to suggest a usage.

VTA Recommend 2%-6% in a mix – Standalone 5%-8% on it’s own.


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