Rice Base - VTA Flavour Notes

Rice Base

Tested @ 2% 70/30 0Nic. Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse.

VTA Description

A flavour which mimics the taste of white rice. This is a unique flavour that is highly versatile in many e-liquid recipes that will allow you to build the foundation in a raw form for recipes such as sticky rice, rice puddings, rice cakes, rice crispy treats and cereal type e-juice recipes. This flavour can be bent and used in biscuit and or cookie with the bakery recipe in mind or simply flipped over to a creamy dessert. A must have flavour to anyone seeking that true authentic rice taste.”


Unsweetened plain cooked rice.

11 Days

Slight increase in strength, this is without a doubt an unsweetened cooked, then dried, plain white rice, including the mouth feel of eating plain rice, after vaping you get a lingering taste of rice for a few minutes.

19 Days

No change in strength or flavour


I'd use at 2%-4% as a primary note for that full rice mouth feel

Use 0.5%-2% as an accent flavour.

This would work very well in pudding recipes, wherever you need a pudding rice, Cereals at low % for a slight grain like quality, Creams, fruits (think sticky rice) and may be of use in bakeries for that slight grain quality.

VTA recommend Mixed:1%-3% – Stand-alone 4%-8%


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