Sweet Mango - CAP Flavour Notes

Sweet Mango

Tested @5%, diluted at 70/30 0nic

Tested on VV Pulse BF and Dead Rabbit 0.14 Ni80 dual fused clapton.

Manufacturers description – None available

1 day steep

Lick- Very Sweet with an underlying Bitter Mango Note

Vape - Very Sweet Ripe Mango with a slight Orange taste.

8 Day Steep

Lick - Sweet slightly over ripe Mango

Vape - Slight throat Hit, A Sweet and Juicy slightly over ripe Mango with a slight orange taste on the end of the vape.

Suggested usage

I would use this as a main note at 3.5-5% at the higher end will stand up to strong flavours well.

At 2-3.5% as support to other Mangos to add that juice taste and a little sweetness.

At 1-2% as an accent flavour.

Slight fading confirmed after 15 days.

Capella recommend – None available


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