Tropical Fruit Tart - VTA Flavour Notes

Tropical Fruit Tart

From the platinum 'one shot' range

Tested @2% 70/30 0nic on Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons on VV Pulse

VTA Description

“A juicy fruit and refreshing desserts eliquid that’s topped with kiwis, strawberries, and mangoes beneath a buttery tart shell filled with fresh creamy custard.”

24 Hr

Mix of fruits I'm sure I can taste, Kiwi & Mango the other fruits are there but hard to discern a slight hint of a pastry type crust.

9 Day

Now I'm getting a clear mix of Kiwi, Mango and subtle hint of Banana and Coconut. The fruit mix is quite pleasant, I'm not picking up any candy like notes, but they do have a slight Jam like quality and slightly sweet, the crust is still fairly subtle at 2% but I believe as the % increases the fruits and Crust will start to come out more to give a pleasant Fruit Tart.

18 Days

The coconut has become stronger, the other fruits are still there but now blended very well, the pastry in this has now come out at the end of the Vape, there is a very slight creamy taste that I believe is the custard, but it is very hard to taste at this %


I'd use at 0.5%-1% as an accent flavour, this should give the subtle hint of those exotic fruits with no pastry, 1%-2% as a background flavour, mainly fruits with that crust note starting to fill in, 2%-4.5% as a main flavour, this should give you a good balance of Fruits and Crusts towards the higher %.

Stand-alone I'd use this at 4.5%-8%

This will mix well with other fruits and kept low will add depth and further interest to tropical fruit mixes, will pair well with other crust pastry types used at lower %'s to help fill in that crust note from this concentrate, use with Cereal to give a tropical fruit topping and the slight crust note at 2% may aid in adding some mouth feel to these, may work well with Custards and Creams when used at the higher mixed % range.


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