Yellow Passion Fruit - VTA Flavour Notes

Yellow Passion Fruit

Tested @2% Diluted in 70/30 0 Nicotine

Tested on a R200 with a Bonza 0.17 ohm dual coil Ni80 Flaptons @ 100w.

Manufacturers description “A highly aromatic flavour which is sweet, acidic and tropical with mild floral notes.


Sweet and juicy to start turning slightly tart at the end with a slight floral note

7 Day steep

Slight increase in strength, this is a Juicy fresh fruit, with a tart/acidic ‘bite’ throughout the vape with a pleasant light sweet floral at the end. Even though this has that tart/acidic taste there is no throat hit or harshness to this.

15 Day steep

No change

22 Day Steep

No change. This is a tarter more acidic version of VTA Passion Fruit, this tastes like a fresh fruit with some juiciness. There is a slight hint of Orange in this, however I get that from most passion fruit concentrates and the fresh purple fruit. I have never eaten a yellow Passion Fruit, so I am unsure on the concentrates authenticity to the fruit.

Suggested Usage

I’d use as a main flavour 2%-3%, Background 1%-2% and an accent 0.25%-1%. Standalone 3%-6%

I’d use this with other passion fruits, exotic fruits, alcohols, beverage types, some creams, cakes, Teas, Vanilla and some mild florals like Jasmine.

VTA Recommend 1%-3% in a mix and Standalone 4%-6%


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