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Bang Bang Biscuit

Here is a new release that was created by our best bottler.

He goes by the name of Lloyd & we asked him to describe his creation to help sell it to any potential customers. This is how the conversation unfolded...

Lewis - "Lloyd, I need a description for Bang Bang"

Sophie - "Ha! This should be good"

Lloyd - "Banging"

Sophie - "Says it in the name Lewis, God!"

So there we have it, this flavour is banging. You heard it from the man himself.

A crunchy, buttery biscuit sandwiched with juicy strawberry and creamy, luxurious custard.

Mix at 25%
30ml or 100ml Bottle

This is a One Shot Concentrate and will need mixing with your base ingredients (PG, VG and Nicotine, if required) before use.

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