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A delicious Italian pastry; deep fried sweet doughnut which is delicious on its own, or you can add any fruit or cream flavour of your choice.Courtesy of Joe Melvin.

Flavour Art: Zeppola 2-5% used.

Description: Nice fried dough. Not too sweet. Noticing two distinct tastes. Inside is light, very slightly sweet and VERY lightly fluffy. Outside is fried dough. No added sugar or cinnamon. The taste is spot on flavour-wise of the fried dough the little Italian lady up the way makes.

2% Light fried dough, use here as texture or a good dough/blender.

3% Blended around here with fruit and other lighter volatiles. A strawberry doughnut for example.

4% Seems to be the sweet spot as the main flavor.

5% Heavy dough. Serves it's intended purpose very well. A strong fried dough.Mixes with Anything you need fried dough for.Vanillas (depending on application)Creams: Custard v1, FA Custard, Vanilla bean ice cream, vienna, FA meringue, fresh cream, bavarian cream. Pretty much any cream that is smooth and delicious. I would avoid spicier creams unless the whole recipe calls for something spicy (like a fried pumpkin doughnut, or eggnog latte with a friend dough top.)

Cakes/ pastry/ texture: Definitely could use a bit more texture depending on application. Boost inner doughnut with another bread/ to increase texture itself. Mix with acetyl pyrazine, cereal 27, doughnut flavors, yellow cake (any depending on end goal), nonna's cake (a really big plus if you use the FA Custard), fudge brownie, biscotto (fa), vanilla cupcake, joy, bread pudding, biscuit... you get the idea.

Fruits: Any sweet fruit. Blueberry, strawberry, banana, jams, oba oba, raspberry etc.. I'd probably stay away from citrus as the fried outside flavor can give you the misinterpretation of citrus if you have a very sensitive palate. The only citrus I'd probably insert here is the lemon in nonna or fa custard.

Chocolates can be used in pretty much any form depending on the intended effect. Bready chocolates are nice for a doughnut and creamy chocolates are going to be good for an outside coating.

Nuts: almond, pistachio, mixed nuts, cashews. Pretty much any nut will go well depending on application.

Solid flavor. If you want fried dough with very little sweetness, this is the way to go. Very versatile and fun.Very similar to WoW but without the fruit or jam flavouring. An original pasty/doughnut

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