Lemon Meringue Tart - VTA Flavour Notes

Lemon Meringue Tart

from the Platinum one shot range

Tested @2% 70/30 0nic. Bonza 0.14 dual Ni80 Flaptons VV Pulse.

VTA Description

A lemon tart with a crispy biscuit pie base filled with a fluffy meringue top which makes this the ultimate baked dessert Vape”

24 hr

A very bright sweet artificial lemon with a baked Meringue taste, a slight hint of crust at the end of the Vape, that lemon tastes almost pledge like to me.

11 Days

Slight increase in strength, this is a very good Lemon Meringue Tart flavour.

The Lemon is a bright and sweet lemon curd* like flavour with a slight tartness at the end of the Vape, the pledge note has gone and is now replaced with that Curd flavour.

The meringue is sweet with a slightly baked note with a nice full mouth feel, at this % the crust will need to be brought out a bit more with a little biscuit or pie crust.

*I initially got a pledge note off that lemon when I tested at 11 days, I retested the following day with refreshed taste buds and got the Lemon curd like note instead so I'm chalking that initial pledge note @ 11 days to fatigued taste buds


As a primary note in a mix I'd use it at 2-4%, this will give a full Lemon Meringue tart with a slight crust in a mix, for a background I'd use at 1-2% which will give a faint Lemon Meringue without the crust.

Stand-alone I would use at 6% which should fill in the crust nicely and give a very nice and true Lemon Meringue Tart

VTA Recommend 6%-12% for stand-alone & no mix % provided although I believe like Carrot Cake this can be utilised in other mixes


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